pennsicdance: schedule summary

Vivian aka Rosina rosina at
Sun Jun 24 10:25:36 PDT 2001

>The Masked Ball is listed in the schedule as starting at 7pm and
>ending at 10pm. We'll have to be sure to bribe the heralds etc. to announce
>that it starts at 9pm and ends at midnight.

Have we had official word about quiet hours ...  Was this intentionally
for that reason?

>The Viking and Scottish Dance classes are all scheduled against other
>dance classes.
>I don't spot any other cross-scheduling, but I didn't check for
>mis-categorized classes.

The only other ones I found aren't too serious as the classes conflicting
are repeated 

Sun 12th, 10 AM = Altezza and Shakespeare at the same time, Altezza 
is given again, however.

Mon 13th, 12-2 = Romeo & Julliet, at same time as Brando at 10, and Heys
at 1, but both the latter are given twice


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