pennsicdance: Dance musicians wanted at Pennsic

Alexander B. Clark abc102 at
Mon Jun 18 21:43:34 PDT 2001

I'd like to have a musician or two or three for each of my Pennsic classes, 
if any musicians would like to have classes to play for.  This will work 
best if it can all be planned in advance, so that all the details of 
instrument combinations, arrangements, tempo, repeats, etc. can be figured 
out before it comes time to start playing. The classes are as follows:

Galliard Technique:                 Thurs 9, 11-1 pm, Barn

New Dances in Old Styles:           Fri 10, 2-3 pm, Barn
Dancing the Old Measures:           Fri 10, 3-4 pm, Barn

Galliard Variations:                Sat 11, 10-noon, Barn

Shakespearean & Elizabethan Dances: Sun 12, 10-noon, Dance

New Dances in Old Styles:           Thurs 16, 1-2 pm, Dance

Dancing the Old Measures:           Fri 17, 1-2 pm, Dance

The Gaillarde classes will call for a good deal of slow playing to go along 
with the low-speed low-impact practicing (I don't work my students like 
Charles Garth! ;-) ). The Old Measures class will probably be one of the 
most music-intensive because the dances are quickly taught.

Anyone who's interested, please respond within the next few weeks so that 
there will be time to discuss the music before Pennsic. However, if I don't 
get all the classes covered in advance then I'll post a list of classes 
where walk-in musicians will be welcome.

Henry of Maldon/Alex Clark

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