pennsicdance: flogging dances

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun Jun 3 11:55:26 PDT 2001

One thing I'd like to do this year is flog a few 16th century Italian
dances -- make up a special handout, make sure music is in the Pile,
and try to see that they get taught and danced repeatedly at night
and at the intro classes.

The list I had in mind was:

The Pinwheel (dance game from Negri) [ trivial ]
The Hunt (another piece of the game) [ easy ]
Mara's Carman's Whistle Canary       [ fairly easy ]
Ballo del Fiori (Caroso)             [ fairly easy ]

My question for you folks: what else should I add?

-- Gregory Blount

[ Julia: I'll hunt down music for The Hunt, the rest are there. ]

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