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Tue May 22 07:01:48 PDT 2001

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I went to war practice to find out what i could about the floor.
The only things the autocrats had heard of it was from what i had sent
them (or more properly the exchequer) earlier.

Presented the design as Patrick Covert (Wulf from last year, with whom
i was told to work out the design) and Edward Zifran (whole lot of
letters) kinda nixed it.

Between us we came up with a new plan which will allow for future
reconfiguration if this one doesn't work out.  essentially it's the
same framing, but it requires less cuts and potentially allows for
poles, etc...

Essentially we'll be setting up a perimeter frame, filling in with
spanning members, then screwing the plywood to it.

We've been alloted $2K for materials.

We will be responcible for getting it in and out of storage every
year, though it's likely we will have a tractor with cart available.

The following needs to happen:
Sat: Land Grab
Sunday: camp setup/planning etc. 
Monday: Wood delivered.
	Framing members cut to length
	All the decking and framing members need to be treated
	Second coat of waterproofing if needed
	Tops possibly need to be painted. *
	     Edward recommended this to help with splintering.
	Assembley and much screwing.
	  I plan on using robertson deck screws and they don't tend to
	  strip with reuse.

Obviously this is the ideal schedual.  Likely we'll be working on it
much of the first week. 

Final Fri/sat: help disassembling and loading/unloading wood
       into storage. 

What i need from the community:
  to help unload the truck when it's delivered.
  for cutting wood.
  for treating wood. (preservative applied with brushes and rollers.) 
  for general lifting and assembly etc.
  Willing to screw. (a-hem)
Saw (by Order of preferance): Radial Arm, Table, circular, hand.
Drills/powered screwdrivers

Please send me private mail if you will help with labor and/or tools.
Send times, what you think you'd be best at doing, and/or what tools
you can bring.

*  I'd *love* to do a parquet looking top. If people would like to
   submit **classy** designs of up to three colors (likely light
   brown, dark brown, and red-ish brown) we will consider them.
   Think along the lines of a 3.5' square as there will be a 6 inch
   border of dark brown around each piece

be safe,

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