pennsicdance: Dance tent noise

Philip Lewis flip+ at
Mon May 14 07:31:57 PDT 2001

Greg Lindahl <lindahl at> writes:
>So we will have less worry about noise near the dance tent.

speaking of which... is the dance tent in a "quiet" area?

other news...
Zach has informed me that our dance floor budget is $500. yes, that's
two zero's not three.

I have been unable to find out from him where this figure came from,
but i want to appeal to *at least* $1000.  I cannot recall the
previous year's budget allotment (you know the one that was supposed
to be carried over...)  if i did i could perhaps argure better for the

for a general guidline, a 4x8 sheet of A/C plywood cost about $30.  2x4s
to make supports, roughly 5.  Waterproofing and other stuff i'm going
to estimate at another $3 per section, though that number comes
practically out of my toochas. (we need screws, waterproofing
material, tarps, etc... i figured a little under 10% of the wood)

this means each section will cost around $38, yielding 13 sections of
dance floor. since 13 will not map well, think 12.
Best layout for 12 is likely 2(8') x 6(4') creating a 16x24 dance floor.
in a 40x60 tent, this will be practically lost.

I envisioned creating roughly 32x40 floor with another 32x4 section
for the band. 

this amount to 40 sections for a budget of roughtly 1500 for floor
alone. Other amenities i wanted to include were a band shell and some storage
bin like things, shelves... perhaps a cloak pin rack. I think we can
just rent chairs this year.

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