pennsicdance: Dance tent amenities

Philip Lewis flip+ at
Fri Mar 23 07:11:13 PST 2001

rosina at (Vivian aka Rosina) writes:
>How big is the dance tent floor going to be? 
We'll know that once we know the dance tent geometry.

>Will there be room on the outside left over?
Here is what i see as needs for dance tent:

Place for musicians:
      Well lit, probably 4' deep and likely multiples of 8 long.
      hard box shell behind them.  Seats prefered to benches.

Place for onlookers:
      4' minimal around the dance floor 3 sides (other side being for
      musicians) Probably just 1 deep bench space.

Place to keep "stuff":
      I'd like to see a dry area for keeping "things" people bring...
      ideal would be a slightly elevated area (table?) with no seating
      around it to discourage using as a table. Perhaps a "bookcase"
      shelf area. it seems alot of musician platform and seating gets
      taken up by this stuff.

Lockable area:
     This is just a thought... but it'd be nice to have an area in
     which to store dance "staple" items (boombox, music, water
     cooler, water, extra pennsic pile books (who's organizing music
     this year?) and such.) thoughts? (Perhaps this can be merged into 
     the bench/seats.)

Perhaps a Chalkboard for annoucements/dance sets/requests?

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