pennsicdance: You are invited to a dance

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Wed Feb 28 14:16:39 PST 2001

>      Don't forget to let us know which dances you are planning so that
> travelers from more impoverished regions will have time to learn and
> practice them in advance.

This party (which is NOT the ball or the Caroso ball) will run by
request; I'll hand out a list to inspire people, but you can ask for
about anything that we have music for. As the announcement mentioned,
we'll be doing 15th century and 16th century dances, so no Playford.
It should be an interesting experiment.

As for the Masked Ball, yes, we'll be publishing a list in advance.
In fact, if you have suggestions, you can send them to me privately.
Keep in mind, though, that we have to keep a mix of styles and a mix
of difficulties, so that when you suggest a dance, if it gets danced,
it's going to be ejecting a similar dance from the program.

-- gb

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