pennsicdance: Dance badge

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Fri Feb 23 08:34:09 PST 2001

Last year before Pennsic, some people tossed around the idea of a badge
for a dancemasters guild in general or for the Pennsic dance cabal (open
to all who want to take over Pennsic ;) in particular.   Finally we got
around to doing some conflict checking.  No designs with a single dance
and a plain tincture for both are clear, but "Argent, two dances sable"
is.  I'm thinking about registering it as a badge which anyone can use.  

Are folks interested?  After all, what better to use as a badge than a
dance (or two)?  A dance, for those who don't know, is a fess indented,
which looks kind of like my drawing below.  Two of them look like
Charlie Brown's shirt.  It's simple to draw, it's got "Sharpie value"
(i.e. it can be drawn with a black magic marker), and it's a great pun.  

   /\      /\      /\
  /  \    /  \    /  \
 /    \  /    \  /    \
/  /\  \/  /\  \/  /\  \
  /  \    /  \    /  \
 /    \  /    \  /    \
/      \/      \/      \

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