pennsicdance: Planning for war

Zachary Kessin zkessin at
Thu Feb 15 15:52:32 PST 2001

I think it is time to start planning for dance at the war,

Some time back Juliana wrote a description of what needs to happen
which I am including in this message. I will email Dame Alys about the
balls. What people need to think about now is who would like to run
evening dance on a night, (You don't have to commit to a night now)
and who would like to teach a class. We will have a set of intro
classes to be taught by the "Pennsic Dancemasters" as well as more
advanced classes to be taught. 

Also would some down in the BMDL area like to think about organizing
the dance floor?

--Joshua haLevi

Juliana's email from some time ago.

Things to do:
- Find someone to cover each night of dance.  At Pennsic XXIX, we needed
someone starting Thursday of the pre-War week, and it just gets bigger. 
Talk to them about whether they need/want assistants, and if they need
help finding them.
- Find someone to coordinate the Masked Ball.  Either you or they need
to also find a head musician for the Masked Ball.  A list of dances
should be complete and available before Pennsic.
- Find someone to coordinate the Caroso Ball (generally some afternoon).
Either you or they need to also find a head musician for the ball. A
list of dances should be complete and available before Pennsic.
- Find someone to coordinate (or lots of people to teach) a series of
introductory classes.  At Pennsic XXIX, they were in the afternoon, but
they could be just before dance, or whenever.  However, they need to be
on the class schedule. 
- Talk to Dame Alys (or whoever coordinates A&S in the future) about
classes, and make sure that the balls get on the schedule.  Recruit more
teachers as necessary, and offer advice to the A&S coordinator about
- Discuss the placing of the dance tent, and the facilities for it, with
Dame Alys (the autocrat basically sees you as her deputy).  That means:
the dance floor, location, electrification, tables and chairs^E).  We can
let other people use it, but only if we don't need it. 
- Find someone to create the Pennsic Pile.  This is a copy of music, so
that everyone is on the same page.  We need 15-20 copies of it.  The
master should be passed along to your successor (yes I have it).
- Make sure that we have a plan for court.  We need the Barn for the
Masked Ball, and so you have to schedule it around courts.  If
sure to schedule setup at 8 and the ball at 9.  Otherwise, we might have
another court in there^E  Additionally, there are courts Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday: plans need to include that fact.
- Coordinate with the musicians.  This could mean asking individuals to
be "in charge" on certain nights, or just ensuring that a reasonable
number of musicians are going to be coming.
- Write copy for the Pennsic Handbook (due in May) about the balls, any
classes whose blurbs haven't been done, and any announcements about
what's going to happen with dance.


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