pennsicdance: Planning for Pennsic XXX

dani at dani at
Sun Dec 3 15:24:49 PST 2000

>First, and foremost: remember, you're not "in charge." You don't have
>to run dance every night; in fact you don't have to run it at all. 

On the other hand, it *is* important to look in, at least briefly, every
single evening.  I have seen a few occasions, over the years, where
leaving things on autopilot didn't work.  Sometimes the person who's
supposed to be running dance isn't there, or isn't up to the task, or
needs help, or is getting too much help and isn't assertive enough to get
rid of it.  Sometimes there is dancemaster-musician friction that can be

It needn't take much time, if there are other things you want to do that
evening, but it provides an important safety net.  (Just because there
have been five dance gods present every other night of the week doesn't
mean that any of them will be there the night everything goes wrong.)
It's also something that shouldn't be delegated:  You've already delegated
someone to run dance for the evening; you can't effectively delegate
the right to second-guess that person.

- Dani

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