pennsicdance: Planning for Pennsic XXX

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Wed Nov 22 08:30:39 PST 2000

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > I am asking for *Juliana's* account of what *Juliana* did, in as much
> > excruciating detail as she might be able to provide.
> Yes. That plus a bit of post-mortem about what could be done better
> and new stuff for next year would be a great help.
> Done better:
> 1) Reserve the barn for 1h before the ball for "setup" to keep other
> people from trying to schedule it right up to the ball.

Yes. Yes. Yes.  I was *so* ticked off at Ealdormere.  AEthelmearc
graciously agreed to get out of our way so we could set up, and then
Ealdormere jumped in that day.  Grf.

> 2) Get official permission from the autocrat to make the usual dancing
> level of noise after the official curfew.

Indeed.  I don't think this will be a problem, but... I didn't think it
would last year, either.  We need this, and then we need to remind
security after we get on site.
> New stuff:
> details about our agrement for the dance stage.

And very agressive follow-up.  The real problem was that Dame Alys and I
assumed (and you know what they say) that everything was going smoothly
between May and August.  Oh well....


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