pennsicdance: Yay Pennsic!

Vanessa Layne dagoura at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 21 12:44:13 PDT 2000

I just wanted to drop at least a brief note to let you all know how
positive I found the whole dance scene at Pennsic.  It was, bar none,
the most pleasant, fun, and just *effective* Pennsic dance effort I've
participated in in 10 years.  The whole vibe was that there was a
Pennsic Dancemaster (& Musician :) community, and it was having a
pretty darn good time bringing rendance to the War.  From where I was,
it seemed far more cooperative than it's ever been.  

The musicians playing the Ball seemed to all have had *fun* -- which
in itself was worth everything -- and be psyched to do it again.  I'll
be polling them for feedback, and pointing them at this list.

Sorry for cross-posting to both lists.  It's topical to pennsicdance,
but I wanted to compliment yall in public.

I look forward to seeing deconstruction on this list, but I might not
get a chance to chime in until post-Labor day (I'm going away next
week, mucho prep in between).  I do mean to write up something about
the band for the Ball and what I think worked and why, but that might
have to, um, wait.

Thanks all, for a keen Pennsic!

-- Tibicen
   Captain, Waytes of Carolingia

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