pennsicdance: looking for Teleri...

Dave Lankford davebearin at
Thu Jun 15 08:56:57 PDT 2000

Hello all,

   Sorry to occupy group bandwidth like this, but there's someone I've 
needed to get in touch with for quite a while now, but I think I'm using an 
outdated email address...  if anyone can pass this along to her (or if she's 
on this list herself, which I suspect she might be) I'd appreciate it...

   I'm trying to reach Teleri, formerly of Cynnabar and currently of 
Tree-Girt-Sea.  (I believe her full SCA name is Teleri ferch Morant, but I 
can't guarantee that I'm remembering or spelling it correctly.)  I was 
supposed to snailmail her some sheet music and talk to her about a possible 
future singing thing, but I've misplaced all the contact info.

    Teleri, if you can 'hear' me, I'm sorry for the delay...   others, if 
you know how to reach Teleri, please let her know I've been trying to reach 


          Dafydd Arth/Dave Lankford/davebearIN at

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