pennsicdance: I met with Dame Alys this weekend

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Mon May 22 06:12:14 PDT 2000

There was a Pennsic staff meeting at AEthelmearc War Practice this
weekend.  I had the chance to speak with Dame Alys, and get the latest

First, the dance tent will be located across from where the Performing
Arts tent was last year.  This is flat space that was camping space last
year (in the same block as the one A&S tent and AEthelmearc Royal were
last year).  They are finalizing the floor still, which makes me a
little nervous, but Dame Alys assures me it will be taken care of.

Second, there is still some space (even on good days) open in the dance
tent.  I'd love to see it all filled.  So, if you've been thinking about
teaching something, you can still volunteer.  If you're not comfortable
teaching something, I still need volunteers to teach "Introduction to
Dance" at 4:00 some afternoon - it's already on the schedule.

Third, the Masked Ball has been scheduled for Tuesday.  We were going to
get stuck with Monday, but I confirmed with their Majesties of
AEthelmearc that they will hold an early (6 pm) court and be out of our
way (they estimate a 1.5 hour court - but even if it's significantly
longer we'll be able to set up quickly for the ball).

In service,

Juliana de Luna

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