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Tue Apr 4 07:48:50 PDT 2000

> From: Vanessa Layne 
> About the exhibition idea, the idea of presenting dance as 
> exhibition....
> What do people feel about it, *personally*?  Is it like "Oo, ik", or
> "nice idea someone else should do", or "gods, I have always wanted to
> do that", or "I'm not feeling up to it but like the idea", or "it's
> not period and I want nothing to do with it", or what?
> I don't have any sense of whether people like it or not, at all.
    Personally, I think that exhibition dancing is great.  I can't
count the number of times that, as I'm teaching a dance and the
dancers do it perfectly, that I wish that someone else (besides
the inevitable spectators at any dance practice) could see how well
they did.  This goes for complex Playfords (we know a few quite
well), and for the Italian repertoire (which we don't do as much
since our Italian repertoire pusher has ceased to come, but I
try (unsuccessfully) to fill her shoes in that regard).

    I also think it would be great to show off European dance
at Pennsic.  It can be just as pretty as proper (not cabaret)
Middle Eastern dance, and lots more people know it and can
dance it.

> -- Tibicen


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