pennsicdance: The Caroso Style Ball

Bess Libby besslibby at
Sat Apr 1 04:57:40 PST 2000

> And I'm pretty sure _Desyre and Disdain_ was my fault, though I had
> help. ;)

Yup, it was Tibicen's fault, as she was the one who originally brought up
the idea at dance practice that fatefull Wednesday...

> What do people feel about it, *personally*?  Is it like "Oo, ik", or
> "nice idea someone else should do", or "gods, I have always wanted to
> do that", or "I'm not feeling up to it but like the idea", or "it's
> not period and I want nothing to do with it", or what?

I like the idea, although I don't think that pulling together something like
Desyre and Disdayne is something that I'd do again -- it was way too much
work in way too little time.  Perhaps if we had started rehearsing 3 months

Anyway, I for one like the idea of just doing a normal Caroso Ball for the
exhibition, or perhaps a second ball so that those who aren't comfortable
dancing on stage before a "real audience" (as opposed to those participating
in the ball) wouldn't feel that they had to do that or miss out on the
Caroso completely.  We'd just have to make sure to minimize the time between
dances -- people don't want to sit and watch while people decide what to

Perhaps another idea would be to organize a group exhibition -- y'know,
people working up one or two dances and someone organizing it into a
cohesive whole.  Note -- I am not volunteering to organize it -- I'm not
absolutely sure I'll be at Pennsic yet, and won't be for a while.


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