pennsicdance: The Caroso Style Ball

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Fri Mar 31 10:49:31 PST 2000

"Charles J. Cohen" wrote:
> >I've always wondered why a Caroso Ball wasn't made *part* of the Dance
> >Exhibition, which, AFAIK, has had no other Western RenDance besides
> >what I incited.
> Well, first off, I'm all for getting more people to perform at the
> Exhibition, and I'm trying to get people from my local group to
> perform.
> That being said, I think that if I arranged it so that our Caroso
> style ball was done as part of the exhibition, it would scare away too
> many dancers.  I don't *know* this, it is just my opinion.
> Still, that would be exciting, as we could just block a two hour time
> period and run it our way.
> >"If you want to see RenDance presented as art, go to the Caroso Ball.
> >Audience welcome."
> I can still do that. 

At some point, we talked about doing two Caroso Balls: the first a real
Caroso with the standard SCA format (which we'd do in the Dance tent or
barn), and the second a performance piece in which various of us agree
to work some stuff up and perform it in a "Caroso ball setting".  That
way, we can have the best of both worlds: a real Caroso that's
inclusive, and a "real performance setting."  

So, would people be interested in doing a second performance "Caroso"? 
Basically, it would mean committing to have something ready, and to show
up that day to do it.  It's not too much work for any one person, but
would get a hefty amount of European dance in the performance tent.


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