pennsicdance: The Caroso Style Ball

Charles J. Cohen charles at
Fri Mar 31 06:07:57 PST 2000

>I've always wondered why a Caroso Ball wasn't made *part* of the Dance
>Exhibition, which, AFAIK, has had no other Western RenDance besides
>what I incited.  

Well, first off, I'm all for getting more people to perform at the
Exhibition, and I'm trying to get people from my local group to

That being said, I think that if I arranged it so that our Caroso
style ball was done as part of the exhibition, it would scare away too
many dancers.  I don't *know* this, it is just my opinion.

Still, that would be exciting, as we could just block a two hour time
period and run it our way.

>"If you want to see RenDance presented as art, go to the Caroso Ball.
>Audience welcome."

I can still do that. - Midair

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