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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Mar 30 21:33:52 PST 2000

> Who said they didn't?  But because they had part arrangements does
> not mean that they didn't also do mono/heterophony.  Just because we
> have modern dance bands using part arrangements doesn't mean we don't
> have bands not using parts.

Right. I was just pointing out what I knew, not what I could speculate

> I've long thought that myself, but I'm beginning now to wonder if
> that's not a burdensome requirement upon the Pile.

Well, I disagree. If you owned the Pile, you could do what you liked
with it.

> It being the
> Pennsic Pile, and not "This Year's Advances in Dance Music", if there
> is a conflict between providing good music for pick up bands and being
> a vehicle for new arrangements, shouldn't the second of those goals
> give way?

I think it can do both. You may not think that. So be it. 

> > For
> > example, if you have done any arrangements since Pennsic 24 or so,
> > I've never seen them.
> ... so why should I send you mine for the Pile?  Consistency from year
> to year is a value.

I like seeing music for more reasons than definitely putting it in the

> I'm happy to give you copies of my arrangements -- I intend to put
> them on the web (am short of tuits).  But I don't necessarily write to
> beginners.  I have some bored bass players, one with a penchant for
> eighthnotes.  Thus, my "Rusty Tufty" probably REALLY doesn't belong in
> front of a pickup band.

So, apparently, you take your definition of the Pile, and from that
decide you won't submit to someone else's definition of the Pile?

> Would I like to get my music out to more people?  Sure, I suppose
> (though not sufficiently enough to motivate me, evidently, to spend
> more time doing so.)

Especially since I hope you remember I publish all sorts of music on
the web, not just the stuff in the pile. So a few minutes of your time
is probably worth a dozen tuits...

> But the Pennsic Pile shouldn't serve arrangers
> at the expense of the Pennsic Dance Band.

In your opinion. I think it can do both. I think you underestimate how
many pages I'm willing to give away every year. And it's a
self-fulfilling prophecy, given that I get basically no submissions of
new music, and very little interest from musicians in using the
Pile. No chicken, no egg, but plenty of back-seat drivers. Not that
I'm frustrated about it, or anything...

-- g

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