pennsicdance: So, let's get this show on the road again

Vanessa Layne dagoura at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 30 17:40:46 PST 2000

Greg writes:

> First off, why would anyone suggest intro-to-the-Pile rehearsals? 

Damnifiknow.  But I've seen it happen often enough in the past, I was
just heading it off at the past.

> It's
> been tried, no one was interested. 

That's why I'm not willing to do it.  :)

> Music classes are usually scheduled independently of the dance classes.


Coordinating dance music classes around the dance (class) schedule is
probably a good idea.

It would suck if the classes for dance musicians and the activities
which need dance musicians (certain dance classes, the Caroso Ball,
etc.) were to conflict.

-- Tibicen

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