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Kathy Van Stone kvs+ at
Thu Mar 30 17:19:45 PST 2000

>*Do* we need to need to prepare everything in parts?
>-- Tibicen

[Let us try sending to the list...]

Personally I would like to see at least a melody and a bass line. I like
having the underparts because I get bored playing the melody, but I am
happy enough playing bass in that case.

It is, however, *substantially* easier to write a single bass line (that
can work in bass clef or treble clef) than to write a four part, particular
if the bass line is kept somewhat simplified.  

Maybe we should include some bass lines written in the treble clef so altos
and tenors can also play the base line an octave up?

At the very least (to borrow one of Tibican's requests), we should indicate
which parts are the most important.

If this type of problem is not solved by the time I step down as Laurel, I
am willing to volunteer to do that kind of work (for at least some of the
pieces), but that won't be until 2001 or 2002.

I will include instructions with my new Ballo del Fiore, however.


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