pennsicdance: Music from the pennsic Pile

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Mar 30 16:58:28 PST 2000

> Why?  It seems to me (just put the finishing touches on my 4-p "Upon a
> Summer's Day") that they (and the bransles and galliards) are
> precisely the best suited to monophonic (or, let us be honest,
> heterophonic ;) playing.

I've got to wonder where all those many-part ECD arrangements came
from, not to mention all those many-part bransles and galliards. Sure,
if you only have 1-3 musicians, you can't play all those parts. But
there seems to be good evidence that with more musicians, they had
lots of parts.

> And ECD, as a rule, is played fast which aggravates the problem, from
> the stand point of pick-up-dance-band usability.

As I've said several times, the Pennsic Pile has a purpose other than
just being played by a pick-up band at Pennsic. One of its purposes
was to provide a method of publishing arrangements by SCAdians. For
example, if you have done any arrangements since Pennsic 24 or so,
I've never seen them.

-- g

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