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Vanessa Layne dagoura at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 30 16:02:53 PST 2000

> If
> you want something new, you need to incite someone to write a
> freely-redistributable 4-part arrangement.

*blink* I think I had an epiphany. (*ow*!)

Greg, not to give you a hard time, but to explore a line of reasoning: 

  *Do* we gotta have everything in arrangements?  (basse dances

We often have diminished forces, and putting everyone on melody would
make it louder; harmony in less skilled hands under a melody of
insufficient volume just makes the sound muddy; when people go to
harmony lines the bass line is often left uncovered which renders all
the harmony un-period in style; the NEFFA festival orchestra (pick up)
does "everyone on the melody" except the piano or string bass, and
they sound great....

I'm an arranger, I love arrangements, I'm a big fan of arrangements.

*Do* we need to need to prepare everything in parts?

-- Tibicen

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