pennsicdance: The Caroso Style Ball

Charles J. Cohen charles at
Thu Mar 30 12:22:50 PST 2000

I've finalized a time I'd like to have the Caroso Style Ball occur.
The major factor in this decision is entirely selfesh:  I volunteered
to help out the (Middle Kingdom) Royalty, and I'll be doing a lot of
work for them, so I'm trying to fit this into that schedule so I can
dance in this ball.

The day I will have the most time free is Tuesday.  Now, that is the
same day that the Dance Exhibition is at the Performing Arts Tent.
Since that usually ends at 4 PM, I recommend that we have our ball
from 5 PM to 7 PM.

We'd still have daylight.  It isn't too early in the week, and, as far
as I know, it wouldn't conflict with anything.  People could still eat
dinner before or after.

So, I need to know if this is good or not.  If you think you would
like to attend and will make an effort to do so, I especially want to
know so *please* tell me. I'd rather not set this up and have no one
show. It isn't fair to the musicians nor myself.

If I don't hear back from many people (heck, hearing back from 6 would
be enough, I know there are many dancers not on this list!), then I
think it would be better that we didn't try to put one on this year.

I hope we do it, though. These balls are fun!  I'm also excited about
finding some people to be a presence for us!

- Midair

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