pennsicdance: Music from the pennsic Pile

Kronenfeld kronenfeld at
Thu Mar 30 08:05:12 PST 2000

> Julia E Smith wrote:
> >
> > Here's a list of the music from the Pennsic Pile from Pennsic 27. What
> > other music would you like copies of?
> >
> > Juliana
> > Arbeau
Hermit's Bransle (I love doing the moonwalk! :-)
More gagliards
A couranto or two

> > 16th c. Italian
Gloria d'Amore

> > 15th c. Italian
Some basse dances.  Definitely La Spagna.  Preferably a few others of
random lengths, so as to cover whatever we need there.  This also, of
course, doubles for the Burgundian repertoire.

> > Burgundian
Dance de Cleves!!!!


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