pennsicdance: So, let's get this show on the road again

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Wed Mar 29 05:57:54 PST 2000

Susan Kronenfeld wrote:
> Greetings, my lords & ladies, from Roselyne!
> First, my thanks to Juliana or whoever else has been keeping track
> of the volunteers.  You may add my name to the list of volunteers
> for both "Dancemaster in Charge" and 4-5 PM intro. classes.  However,
> I'd like to know what intro. classes are already offered, so as to
> avoid duplication (or instead to ensure it, if that is desirable).
> As I seem to understand/remember, the idea was to try to cover the
> ball playlist by teaching during the evenings; should we also be
> working towards this in the afternoons, or is this just: "this is
> the ECD paradigm", "this is the alman repertoire", etc.?  Or maybe
> there is no such distinct plan? :)
The plan for the series of classes is, as of yet, incomplete.  What I
did last year was create "topics": ECD, bransles, Inns of Court (almans
and measures), 15th c. Italian, etc. and alternate topics.  So I taught
ECD twice (with different dances each time), and the others once each. 
In the entire sequence of classes, we'll make it through each topic
multiple times (I suspect), but I'd like to as much as possible keep
teaching new dances.  That way, people can learn stuff during the day
and dance it at night.

I would like to teach some of the ball dances, but I'm not interested in
spending lots of time and energy teaching the high end of the
repertoire.  We should teach the easy dances from the Ball, and assume
that the people interested in Intro to Dance aren't going to do
improvisational dance.

So, when we get to actually scheduling days and topics, I'd like the
teachers to organize ourselves so that there's some variety of topic
from day to day. We also need to coordinate our teaching lists with the
Dancemaster in Charge for the evening, so that the dances we teach get


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