pennsicdance: So, let's get this show on the road again

Philip Lewis flip+ at
Mon Mar 27 12:41:35 PST 2000

>* Playing for dancing -- Two parts: "A Beat You Can Dance To: what
>your music teacher never told you" and "Meet the Repertoire: a
>crash-course/survey of music for Renaissance Dance"
Do you mean, by this, the art of playing "with rhythm"? (not to be
confused with keeping time)  This is the one area i feel sca musicians
are lacking the most.  Looking through your suggested classes, it
seems that we might be in agreement that far too many musicians "play
the notes" rather than play the music..or the dance.  
Baltimore Consort "has" it.  Mind you, they have their entire lives to
devote to playing/practicing music, while the rest of us have to feed
ourselves usually by some other fashion... ;)  but i think that every
potential dance musician should listen to them and think about what it
is that they do to make their music simply wonderful.
I wish i knew how to teach/explain it... but as i've said
before.... i'm not a musician, i'm a dancer who occasionally plays. ;)

>* Ludi ad Improvisum, I & II -- Intro to Ren. improvisation for
oh oh... yes definatly!!! we definatly need more improve on tomp of
pieces... I've tried occationally... but I'm no musician... ;)
(though i do think i've made a pretty nifty counter-melody for Bransle
Official... which isn't really improve... except the first time. :)

julias writes:
>We are 99% likely have a dance tent with some kind of wooden floor. 
ummm... is this a rented floor... or are we going with someone
building something?

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