pennsicdance: So, let's get this show on the road again

Charles J. Cohen charles at
Mon Mar 27 08:29:33 PST 2000

>Midair is going to organize a Caroso Ball (is it scheduled, Midair?)

Not yet.  I need to actually pick a time and place.  Since it is
easier to argue a decision, let me throw out two times:

Wednesday (of war week):  1-3 PM.
Tuesday (of war week):  evening, two hours before court

This is assuming that we are having this in the Barn so we have enough
space.  We can't have it in the evening due to courts.  As long as
Wednesday isn't the Dance day at the Theater (I think that day is
tuesday) then I would recommend we go for the afternoon, just after

Any responses?

- Midair

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