pennsicdance: [Fwd: Pennsic Class]

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Thu Feb 10 15:06:42 PST 2000

Update from Dame Alys, though not the most encouraging (in the sense
that they still don't know what's going on), but it's clearly going.

>BTW, any updates on how the organization of dance is going?

I asked Duchess Sedalia about the dance floor.  She said that (name I
don't recall) has put out bids for a wooden floor.  They are looking
into either renting one or buying one.  I haven't been able to reach
Frog (the Grimms' representative) since his telephone seems to be
persistently busy.  I am trying to learn where that size tent can go
in the space the University is given.  It will be somewhere near where
the Performing Arts tent was the first year or last year, or else down
Chandler one block.  (_That_ would _not_ be my preference.  Too close
to folk who want to sleep at night.)

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