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Susan Kronenfeld skronenf at
Thu Jan 6 10:28:06 PST 2000

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Del wrote:


> OK.  16th C Italian is relatively common down here so I tend to forget
> about it when travelling.  I guess I can run at least one Negri class.
> Anyone for a combined Spagnoletto / Bizzaria class?  I can do the
> Spagnoletto bits if someone else can assist with Bizzaria.

If there is support for including Bizzaria (which makes a fairly
easy introductory dance to rank beginners unfamiliar with the 16th c.
It. repertoire), I'd be glad to help out.  Though I admit this is not
my strong suit, I did manage to cover it on the spot at some
abominably late hour in the barn last year, though unprepared,
dog-tired and a little rusty, in a fashion that the general populace
(with a little initial patience) was able to follow.  If I _knew_ I
was planning to do it, I'd prepare ahead a bit, including agreeing
with any collaborators on the fine details of the choreography...
Behold the gauntlet lifted.


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