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Thu Jan 6 07:53:55 PST 2000

Del wrote:
> Hi,
> What's the scoop on classes at Pennsic?  Who do we notify that
> we want to run classes, and by when?

>From the official site:

If you would like to volunteer to teach a class, please contact Dame
Alys Katherine, Elise Fleming, 3950 Walter Road, North Olmstead, OH,
44070 or
alysk at

Here's what she sent me this week (I talked to her about the sequence of
Beginning Dance classes I'm organizing months ago):

Here's the official "blurb" so you have all the info you need...

Thank you for your interest in teaching a Pennsic class.  Pennsic 
classes may be on a variety of topics but all should deal with the 
medieval or Renaissance world or with the Society for Creative 
Anachronism and should represent those cultures and time 
periods that had contact with the Western World.

Even if you sent me information on classes for a previous Pennsic,
please send all the information again since I have a new program 
and a computer and cannot easily access the old information.

I need the following information: 
* Your modern and SCA names; 
* the SCA title you prefer used (e.g., Lord/Lady, Mistress...); 
* your mailing address; 
* telephone number; 
* e-mail address; 
* kingdom of residence; 
* expected date of arrival at Pennsic.  

I also need:

* the title of the class; 
* a brief description; 
* length of class; 
* size limit, if any; 
* fee, if any, for "consumables";
* fee, if any, for handouts; 
* preferred date to teach, if any; 
* preferred time of day; 
* and any other information I should know such as "Avoid 
conflict with field battle", "Need access to firepit/electricity/water", 
"Prefer to teach in my camp."  

It has been Pennsic tradition not to charge for actual teaching 
although you may request a fee to cover expenses of handouts 
and materials used.  If your fee is for handouts, it will be listed 
as (for example) "Fee for handout, $2," but the class itself will 
not be listed as costing anything to attend.   This means that 
some people may choose not to take a handout.  You may also 
limit the number of handouts that you wish to bring with you.  
If your fee is to recover the cost of materials that are needed 
during the class (fiber for spinning, fabric for sewing, paints for 
illuminating, etc.) then the class will be listed as having a fee to 
attend.  Please specify what your fee is for when you send me 
your information.

The deadline for applications is May 1 and are scheduled on a 
first-come, first-served basis.  Classes begin on Wednesday, 
August 9, and end on Friday, August 18.  Prior to War Week 
classes will be on an abbreviated schedule.  From Monday, 
August 14, classes will begin at 9 a.m. We will be happy to
schedule classes in the evening, if you wish. Let me know 
your preference.

I will confirm that I received your e-mail request and ask for 
clarification if necessary.  (Please double-check that you sent 
all the information that I need!)  As soon as I have all the in-
formation I need I will send you a final confirmation e-mail 
post telling you the date and time your class is scheduled and 
where it will be located.  

You will be expected to check in at the A&S table (located in 
the Information Tent in front of Coopers' Store) when you 
arrive at Pennsic.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate 
to contact me.

Dame Alys Katharine
PW 29 Class Coordinator

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