pennsicdance: Volta

Nathan Kronenfeld nkronen at
Thu Jan 6 05:51:01 PST 2000

>> I did promise at least two people I'd run a volta class this year.
>> I still think it's worth doing, so perhaps if you want the same thing
>> to be run again, I can be of assistance.  I'd be happy to run the
>> basics and volta classes if you or someone else could run the tassle
>> section, or we can tag-team.  Daniele?
> I'm out, but Daniele may be game. And you do realize that I didn't do
> that much with the tassle kick; half of the tassle kick classes was
> still basic galliards... for the rest we just stared at Daniele's
> handouts and experimented with kicking. Any idiot could have taught it
> (and since I couldn't do the kick very well, I was any idiot...)

Sure, I can do that (I'd even be happy to), though with the standard caveat of
"If I'm there" (which looks rather probable this year!).  I'd be especially
happy with it if we are doing the tag-team idea, and I don't have to worry about
figuring out how to *register* a class :-)  Basics, voltas, tassle-kicks, wierd
and unusual gagliardas, whatever you want - anything that has a chance to make
galliards as popular in the SCA as they seem to have been in period wins in my


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