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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Wed Jan 5 23:13:57 PST 2000

> I did promise at least two people I'd run a volta class this year.
> I still think it's worth doing, so perhaps if you want the same thing
> to be run again, I can be of assistance.  I'd be happy to run the
> basics and volta classes if you or someone else could run the tassle
> section, or we can tag-team.  Daniele?

I'm out, but Daniele may be game. And you do realize that I didn't do
that much with the tassle kick; half of the tassle kick classes was
still basic galliards... for the rest we just stared at Daniele's
handouts and experimented with kicking. Any idiot could have taught it
(and since I couldn't do the kick very well, I was any idiot...)

> OK.  16th C Italian is relatively common down here so I tend to forget
> about it when travelling.  I guess I can run at least one Negri class.
> Anyone for a combined Spagnoletto / Bizzaria class?  I can do the
> Spagnoletto bits if someone else can assist with Bizzaria.

I'd love to see an entire track of 16c. Spagnoletto actually gets
occasionally done over here (we call it with an aussie accent, of
course: spetz-a-toe, spetz-a-toe), but I'd love to wave a magic wand
and get a set of classes as comprehensive as we get for 15c Italian.

I guess I could volunteer for "16c Italians for Dummies" (the poaching
game/Il Piantone and Ballo del Fiore), but I'd love to also see:

Negri Squares (a la Urraca's class at KWDS)
Cascarde (Sion did this a few years ago, but it was more for the purpose
 of showing similarities to ECD than to teach the cascarde...)

If people started preparing now, they could teach themselves enough to
do a class by Pennsic, even on a topic which they aren't that familiar
with, yet.

-- g

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