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Del del at
Wed Jan 5 15:31:15 PST 2000

Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > Is anyone here running a Volta class?  Otherwise I'll offer to run
> > one.
> Last year I ran a track of galliard classes, one a day, rotating
> basics, volta, and tassle kicks. They were quite popular, but I'm not
> sure if I have the energy to do it 2 years in a row.

I did promise at least two people I'd run a volta class this year.
I still think it's worth doing, so perhaps if you want the same thing
to be run again, I can be of assistance.  I'd be happy to run the
basics and volta classes if you or someone else could run the tassle
section, or we can tag-team.  Daniele?

> I'd suggest using the Barn stage, but Del already knows this, as he
> did the Canary class on the stage a while back...

Yup.  I think the stage suffered somewhat from that one.  I'll definitely
be running the same class again, but looking for a 3 hour timeslot, so
I'll need either the stage or another wooden floor for that.  This will
probably have to be first week I guess.

> BTW, Del, what I'd love to see you teach most is 16c Italian dance,
> since it's something that we're usually weak on. 15c is pretty much
> jump-started, I'm not sure if galliards will ever really be that big,
> but 16th century Italian, now that could be a nice revolution...

OK.  16th C Italian is relatively common down here so I tend to forget
about it when travelling.  I guess I can run at least one Negri class.
Anyone for a combined Spagnoletto / Bizzaria class?  I can do the
Spagnoletto bits if someone else can assist with Bizzaria.

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