pennsicdance: Volta

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Wed Jan 5 15:10:13 PST 2000

> Is anyone here running a Volta class?  Otherwise I'll offer to run
> one.

Last year I ran a track of galliard classes, one a day, rotating
basics, volta, and tassle kicks. They were quite popular, but I'm not
sure if I have the energy to do it 2 years in a row.

I think it's worth doing multiple days of instruction; people did come
repeatedly, and did benefit from seeing it more than once.

I'd suggest using the Barn stage, but Del already knows this, as he
did the Canary class on the stage a while back...

BTW, Del, what I'd love to see you teach most is 16c Italian dance,
since it's something that we're usually weak on. 15c is pretty much
jump-started, I'm not sure if galliards will ever really be that big,
but 16th century Italian, now that could be a nice revolution...

-- gb

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