pennsicdance: Last minute planning

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Tue Jul 11 04:00:06 PDT 2000

Sorry that this final planning has been much delayed.  I've had an
attack of life.  What we need to do before Pennsic is actually decide
who's taking which night.  As far as I'm concerned the first several
days of dance can take care of themselves; they always have.  However,
by Friday we probably need a Dancemaster in Charge.  Tuesday night is
the Masked Ball, so we don't need to worry about that.

So, what I need to know is who wants what night.  It'll be first
volunteer, first served.  I also need to know what rules you intend to
follow about OOP dance.  I intend to follow the rules we've been using:
from the time we start until midnight we follow the 1650 rule; after
midnight open requests.  I encourage you to do the same; however, I
understand that there are some people who are interested in trying other
experiments.  So, if you do, talk to me.  I'm going to post a list of
who's in charge on each night and what rules they follow.  

I also highly recommend that people consider using helpers on their
night to be in charge.  It's so much more pleasant when you don't have
to kill your voice teaching - either letting people do in set teaching
or splitting the hall up into groups is a great way to spread out the

Just a reminder: the following people already said they'd do a night:

Filip of the Marche
Alina Foxwood
Daniele da Paudua
Dougal McCaffertey
Roselyne de l'Estrangere


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