pennsicdance: Music from the pennsic Pile

Monica Cellio cellio at
Thu Mar 30 08:24:34 PST 2000

> Some basse dances.  Definitely La Spagna.  

Definitely want an arrangement of that.  Probably a couple, at least one
of the period ones and also a simple one.  (Falla con Misuras is lovely,
for instance, but not easily sight-read.)

> Preferably a few others of
> random lengths, so as to cover whatever we need there.  This also, of
> course, doubles for the Burgundian repertoire.

Heck, in addition to a few arranged ones (if available), why not include
the tenors of all the Burgandian basse dances?  It would only take 4 or 5
pages.  They'd only be used if there are musicians there who can improvise
over them, but thanks to Tibicen there are several of those around now.
There probably won't be much call for them, but the cost of supplying the
bare tenors is small.


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