pennsicdance: So, let's get this show on the road again

Julia E Smith julias+ at
Mon Mar 27 08:03:01 PST 2000

OK, folks, it's time to start planning in earnest:

Just a reminder of the state of things:

We are 99% likely have a dance tent with some kind of wooden floor. 
It's probably going to be in the A&S block - I've lobbied with Dame Alys
Catherine for the locations we've discussed.  

We have had several volunteers for various tasks:

Midair is going to organize a Caroso Ball (is it scheduled, Midair?)

Greg Lindahl agreed to help someone with content for music and trying to
scare up organized bands to come play for parts of some evenings

Several people agreed to be Dancemaster In Charge for some night,
Filip of the Marche
Alina Foxwood
Daniele da Padua
Juliana de Luna

I have also arranged for a round of introduction to dance classes to be
taught every afternoon from 4-5 pm.  I have some volunteers to do this -
I would welcome others!  This is a great opportunity for people who
don't feel comfortable teaching an advanced dance class to get their
feet wet.

At this point, we need volunteers for the following things:

1. organizing the Pennsic Pile 
	Since they're easily accessible to me, I asked Alaric MacConell and
Elsbeth Anne Roth 
	to review the music that we have used for the last couple of years for
"playability" - 		Alaric and some other arrangers had expressed
willingness to help create simpler
 	arrangements of some of the music we have for the future.

	Therefore, if people have an arrangement of a piece that they really
like, or 
	alternately that they think is just too hard for the barn pickup band,
please add 
	your two cents.

	Nevertheless, we still need someone to come up with a final version,
and arrange 		photocopying and distribution.  Greg, are you interested
in working on this project 
	or are you burned out?

2. organizing the Ball
	As I recall, Midair volunteered to organize a Caroso ball, but no one
has yet volunteered 	to organize the traditional "Masked Ball".  So, are
there any takers?

3. Dancemaster in Charge 
	We need more volunteers to be Dancemaster in Charge for specific
nights.  This does not 
	mean that you need to teach all the dances personally.  It means that
on that night, 
	you're the one who makes decisions about what happens.  We still need
to discuss some 	guidelines, so that we're not going to have
misunderstandings, but that should be hammered 	out a little later.

In service, 

Juliana de Luna

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