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Del del at
Fri Jan 7 20:02:40 PST 2000

Nathan Kronenfeld wrote:

> Sure, I can do that (I'd even be happy to), though with the standard caveat of
> "If I'm there" (which looks rather probable this year!).  I'd be especially
> happy with it if we are doing the tag-team idea, and I don't have to worry about
> figuring out how to *register* a class :-)  Basics, voltas, tassle-kicks, wierd
> and unusual gagliardas, whatever you want - anything that has a chance to make
> galliards as popular in the SCA as they seem to have been in period wins in my
> book.

OK, deal.

I'll get the class registered, and list you as a co-teacher.  If you're
not there then I'll fake it.

I'm doing a galliard class here in February, care to drop over?  :)

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