pdstaff: Pennsic 41 Dance Staff Roll Call

Benjamin Pung ben at houseofpung.net
Fri Jan 27 03:04:34 PST 2012

On Jan 27, 2012, at 3:53 AM, David Learmonth wrote:

> Yup, I can do the floor.  I'll have to see what Gwommy's plans are, to figure out if we are going to do a new batch of boards for this year.  (we were intending for last year, but put it off because I wasn't sure I'd have the manpower available.)

Excellent! The floor is really my main concern. Everything else we can fake. :) Has anyone spoken to you about being your deputy?

> Oh, and just thinking, as for managing the tent during the day, what did you have in mind?  I know that a few of us often informally handle the job, but that wasn't official, so we basically tried to make it known that whoever was to teach first thing in the morning, was to be aware that they were responsible for opening up the tent, and the music box.

I think between all of the regulars we should be able to get all the usual tasks done, but I think it's best to have someone be the go-to authority on tent-related issues ("how do I put the walls up?" "where do I get water from?" "how do I get the box open" etc.) In the past I believe Gwommy has usually been the person to talk to, but I don't know that it's been official. I would be the last resort, of course, but I know there are people who know the inner workings of the tent much better than I do.


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