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Yup, I can do the floor.  I'll have to see what Gwommy's plans are, to
figure out if we are going to do a new batch of boards for this year.  (we
were intending for last year, but put it off because I wasn't sure I'd have
the manpower available.)

Oh, and just thinking, as for managing the tent during the day, what did
you have in mind?  I know that a few of us often informally handle the job,
but that wasn't official, so we basically tried to make it known that
whoever was to teach first thing in the morning, was to be aware that they
were responsible for opening up the tent, and the music box.

But it isn't a bad idea to have people officially booked for the task
potentially.  You may want a few people, so it isn't one person for the
whole time, and/or for the whole day.  (though it can be tough to get
official commitments ahead of time, so you may want to ask again a few
times leading up to Pennsic, and at the event to fill in any gaps)

Like I say, just curious about what responsibilities you were thinking of,
and at what times of day?  Off the top of my head, here are a few that
could be possibilities  (so we can choose which are applicable, and so
people know what they might be volunteering for, if this is what you were

- opening the walls first thing in the morning  (please use the Bungees!)
- opening the music box, and plugging in the cd player
- refilling the water jug   (at least we now have a Cart to help with this)
- closing the walls if the wind is too strong / if a storm blows in  (and
rallying the people to help if need be)

- closing the walls late at night, and putting away the cd player
- buying Ice for the water jug  (we get reimbursed if you keep receipts)
- closing the walls if no one is remaining in the tent after the end of
classes  (though we've been a bit lax on that aspect, when the weather was
looking fine, and if some of us were still going to be in the general
vicinity, such as only in the food court)
- mopping up dripping water  (not that our tent ever leaks!  LOL)
- updating the chalk board information each day, if required

- substituting in for classes if a teacher doesn't show up
- alerting medical staff in case of injuries, if necessary
- shooing away smokers if they are too close to the tent
- jumping in when an extra dancer is needed for a set

Just brainstorming.  I don't want to scare anyone off from volunteering.
 Not all these are officially required.  The core ones in my mind are the
first 4.


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 7:30 PM, Benjamin Pung <ben at houseofpung.net> wrote:

> Happy New Year, Dancers!
> The year is yet young, but Summer will be here soon enough, and with it
> will come the inevitable War. I have spoken with some of you previously
> about helping out with dance activities at Pennsic 41, but it never hurts
> to make sure plans are still in place. I know that some of the usual
> suspects will not be at the war this year, so this may be a good
> opportunity for some new people to get involved.
> Staff:
> So far I have someone to handle music (Aaron Drummond), publicity (Lorita
> deSiena and her able assistant), and to assist me with class scheduling
> (Conrad). I believe Darius will be in charge of the floor again this year.
> I also need to have someone to help manage the tent during the day.
> If there is anything else you would like to help with, or if you would
> like to serve as the deputy for any of these positions, please let me know.
> The more people we have trained to take care of our various needs, the more
> prepared we will be for unexpected circumstances.
> Teachers:
> I will be putting out a formal call for teachers once the Pennsic
> University registration system gets started up. Until then, be thinking of
> what you want to teach. We are always looking for a wide variety of
> classes, both in genre and complexity.
> Revel Hosts:
> If you have an idea for a party that you would like to host in the Dance
> Tent, please let me know. We have had a number of themed revels in the
> past, focusing on certain time periods or regions, in addition to the
> ever-popular Beginners' Ball and the Grand Ball. If you don't have a
> particular theme in mind and just want to throw a great dance party, that's
> good too!
> I look forward to seeing all of you at Pennsic this year!
> --Lorenzo Petrucci
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