pdstaff: Music coordinator

Gwommy 'Bill' Holderman gwommy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 08:11:52 PDT 2010


>     Master Octavio has been longing to retire from the position of live
> music coordinator at Pennsic, and thus far my entreaties for volunteers have
> fallen on deaf ears. Does anyone have any concrete suggestions, either on
> places to recruit or specific individuals?
There's only one person in my area who I know is musically inclined to
take on such a job, but he doesn't want it to be a long term
commitment job, as he doesn't want to have to attend Pennsic every
year.  He said he's probably not going to Pennsic next year so that he
can go to Europe.  He'd be willing to help out this year though as
long as there's no prep work that needs to be done before Pennsic as
he's got his wedding to plan for. =b

>      Also, I have received an offer from Istanpitta to play for either the
> Grand Ball or the 15th c. revel. What do you all think about using a
> professional band for the Grand Ball? They would, of course, be passing the
> hat for donations.
I've always liked the large gathering of Musicians for the Grand Ball,
so my vote would be for the 15th c. Revel.

Yay!  Dancing!

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