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I think I'm mostly ok at this point.  Although Lynnette mentioned that
in the online A&S class schedule (for all classes, not just dance), it
seems that they haven't listed Floor construction / take down times.
(although I will have to check what those approximately are.  I don't
remember when classes end on Friday)  Oh, but like I say, I won't be
available on the last Friday for floor takedown, but I'm sure there
will be plenty of people around to handle it.  It usually goes pretty

As for put-up, we'll have to play it a bit by ear, but my intention
again is to start laying down initial pieces on Tuesday morning around
10 am.  But we won't need huge crowds at that point, however if things
are going well, then we could use extra hands by Noon on Tuesday, and
some more at 10 am on Wednesday to finish it up.

It sounds like my main few supplies have been ordered, and I will make
a supply run when I get to Pennsic for any more Primer, Paint, and

Other than that, I am pretty ready to go.  I just have to compile some
notes to take with me.

See you soon!

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 7:30 AM,  <judithsca at aol.com> wrote:
> So, the time is drawing nigh. Does anyone have any concerns that need
> addressing? If everyone could give me a brief update on their respective
> tasks, that would be great!
>    Gwommi, I will be arriving at PennsicTuesday of land-grab, which means I
> am deputizing you to handle things until then. :-)
> Judith
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