minstrel: new online sheet music

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Jul 18 15:32:28 PDT 2011

| The CMME Project is "a scholarly initiative to offer free online
| access to new, high-quality early music scores produced by today's
| leading experts. Based at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, the
| project represents a collaborative development effort of specialists
| in musicology, information science, and music retrieval. The major
| purpose of the enterprise is to produce and maintain an online corpus
| of electronic editions, in addition to software tools making them
| accessible to students, scholars, performers, and interested amateurs.
| Here, the brilliant polyphonic styles known to the modern world
| through the works of such masters as Dufay, Josquin, Machaut,
| Palestrina, and Tallis can come to life again in the central medium of
| the 21st century."
| http://cmme.org/ 

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