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This past week, friends of mine in South Carolina lost everything in a house fire. They were not at home at the time and are unscathed themselves, but all they have left is a few items of clothing that were in the dryer, their car, and a cell phone. Everything else is a total loss. 

Irmgard and Wilhelm have been very supportive of me and my music over the years. They are good, solid, decent people who contribute greatly to the SCA, and I want to help them. Therefore, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of my SCA music in November and December of this year will be donated to them.  This includes all of 6 of my Efenwealt Wystle titles, and all downloads. Additionally, Mistress Rosalind Jehanne is donating all her music sales to this cause. 

Downloads and samples are available at iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Soundclick, and other online outlets. Here are iTunes links.


You can order both mine and Rosalind's CDs at:

We appreciate your support,

Master Efenwealt Wystle
aka Scott Vaughan
available on iTunes & AmazonMP3 

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