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Reposting this in case anyone here was curious.


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[And Mary Ann,
Upon the isle for which our play is named!
-- (unattributed, found at http://www.thalia.org/medieval.html)]

I can attribute that.  It is the work of Master Robin of Gilwell of
Ansteorra, who just this past weekend won the bardic competition at
"Battle of Three Commanders".  The commanders were Duke Alonso Perez
Guzman, who led the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake, leading the
English privateers, and Grainne Ui Mhaille, leading an Irish pirate
fleet.  Each bardic entrant had to declare for a commander, and received
extra consideration for a piece themed appropriately in style and period
of their commander, as well as bonus for stories of the sea.  Master
Robin, competing for Drake, delivered this piece (entitled "Prologue",
btw) after a terrific in-persona introduction about Elizabethan theatre
and the place of the prologue in opening a play.

I was one of the judges, and I cost him a point because after the first
line, I figured out what was coming and started to splutter forcefully
enough that he broke character for a moment and grinned at me.


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