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It's typically the hum, or buzz of the computer that gives the agro.
If you can send it through some board and onto tape or somesuch, then back
from twotrack to the PC you end up with a far cleaner product.
Alternately, use a crtoid or hypercartoid mic and point the 'butt' of the
mic at the PC
~ Bride

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> My real question is: how important is the mic quality?

Very, but, I've used an inexpensive "Optimus Unidirectional Dynamic
Microphone" from Radio Shack to make some recordings which were pretty
good -- little static and it doesn't sound "underwater". It's the
style of mic you see singers singing into, although I'd bet most
people pay a lot more than what this low-end one cost.

It could be that you have an impedence mismatch with the one you're

> How likely is it that the computer could be a problem?

Not very.

-- Gregory

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