minstrel: Broadside Ballads as Part Songs?

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>From a discussion on the SCA Dance list about Playford tunes with
words associated with them:

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* While it may seem odd to the modern ear to sing a ballad as a part
song, it doesn't seem to have been weird in period. In fact, many
ballad tunes are only found written out as the top or tenor line of a
part-song, or as instrumental music. Music was used very fluidly as
dance tunes, ballads, part songs, fancy instrumental divisions, etc.

I'm curious as to whether there are any examples of broadside ballads
being written down in a setting as a part song. I'm aware of a couple
settings of tunes also used for broadside ballads as part songs
(Tomorrow the Fox; The Frog Galliard for Now Oh Now) as well as
various instrumental settings of the tunes, but I'm curious if there's
anything that might indicate ballads were ever performed with harmony

- Aaron Drummond

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