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One should also bear in mind that the modern division between secular and
sacred doesn't really line up with the way medieval people thought about
things--the categories are different.

There certainly was theater in the Church (the "Play of Daniel" is yet
another example).  And while there were edicts issued against such things as
instrumental music and dance during church services, and against
high-ranking churchmen keeping minstrels in their households, the fact that
they had to be reissued several times indicates that they were not


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> Netflix has a 2001 DVD of a South African performance of a mystery
> play:
> Heritage Theatre: The Mysteries
> > I’m also curious though, does
> > any one have any evidence for any time and place when the secular theater
> and
> > the church did get along?
> Depends on what you mean by "get along". There are churches today
> which consider secular theater a horrible thing. In the Elizabethan
> era, theater was condemned by some and wasn't considered bad by
> others.
> -- Gregory
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