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nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 17:48:49 PDT 2009

i think i misposted, apologies to whoever got it.

i was saying that even in shakespearean times many thought shakespear was too violent. the french especially. if you look at villion all the action and violence was symboliclly done and very antiseptic to our cgi jaded eyes. they were no where as over stimulated as us so much easier to shock on many topics, while real life was shorter and more brutal. an interesting dicotomy.

anyway the mystery plays had church support and go right back to the early middle ages in some form, and the trouveres did do a kind of "revue" theatre at times at major courts and they had much court support but how much church support is questionable.

by the way if you can fine la rotta. their recordings of french music from the high middle ages is a pure joy to listen to. i saw them live at the la mecque baroque festival last summer. la rotta was the one mediebal thing they bring in each year for that year. they paly harp, early lute/guitarino,hudry gurdy recorders and they have a very talented viol player whose improvisations are tremendous.

medieval musicians did do a lot of inprov so its nice to see bands doing it.

early opera had been researched by a few people in an tir--well worth looking into as well

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